Powerful video analysis and tagging tools designed for filmmakers and content creators.

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Cinematic Language

Synopsis is designed to improve workflows for filmmakers and content creators. Our analysis provides relevant, industry standard creative and technical terms to your shots.

We provide timed tags, as well as summary tags for your shots so you can save time searching and focus creative story telling.

Close Up

Clean Single

Center Composition

Shallow Depth of Field

Standard industry search terms let you find the perfect shot.

We've trained our custom machine learning system to identify over 300 terms of art from screen writing, storyboarding, cinematography, editorial, vfx and compositing. Using rigorous testing and real world validation, we worked with industry experts to ensure our analysis provides relevant results to help real professionals.

    • Creative
    • Color
    • Framing
    • Composition
    • Shot Types
    • Inserts
    • Establishing
    • Titles & Credits
    • Location
    • Set
    • Time of Day
    • Lighting
    • Entities
    • Faces
    • People
    • Slates & Charts

Use Cases

  • Pre Production

    Find content for mood boards, animatics and reference sequences. Turn around client rip-o-matics and sizzle reels in no time.

  • Production

    Manage large shoots and speed up dailies, ingest, and assembly by integrating natively with your on prem or cloud collaboration software.

  • Post Production

    Move fast and stay creative in post by having robust industry best tagging at your fingertips for every shot and frame.

  • Distribution

    Use cut detection and our analysis to find relavent shots quickly for cutting trailers and teasers.

  • Marketing

    Licensing your content? Add Synopsis metadata to help clients find the perfect shot they are looking for.

  • Stock Footage

    Provide powerful creative search terms to satisfy your discerning customers.

  • Education

    Teach students the language of film by analyzing classic motion pictures.

Asset Management

Synopsis integrates with your Media Asset Management platform of choice, either remotely in the cloud, on prem in your machine room, and even on your DIT cart on set.

Don't see your preferred integration? Let us know.

Custom Integrations

We provide SDKs as well direct cloud based API if you need custom solutions or are looking to add cinematic intelligence natively to your software or SAAS platform.

Projects and Clients

We are proud to work with some of the best in the industy.

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